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  • I wouldn't dare skip Mondays. It puts my whole week off if I skip todays workout. AND its the release of the  FREE sample workout that releases next month!

Its all about committing to a life long journey.. to yourself... to your health. We have to stop thinking that exercising and eating healthy is something we choose to do. Its got to be something we have to do, like brushing our teeth and showering. And thats what this 100 workout program does is help teach you to creating the habits and commitment of living this lifestyle.

Right now its something we are lucky enough to do and one day, you might be wishing "if only i took better care of myself when I was not having health issues". Put a 🙌 below or click the link in my bio to get this free workout.
  • Get your FREE workout in the link in my bio!

I got my hands on this sample workout that doesn't release til tomorrow and it is AWESOME! There are moves that you'll never have seen before that will make these 100 workouts so fun, challenging, and exciting to do every day! You won't be bored with the LIVE DJ pumping the tunes too!🎶
You are probably thinking " holy cow, 100 workouts?" this program is only 20-30 minutes a day and has so much variety! And its really about committing yourself to a new lifestyle, not just quick fixes.
If you want to try out this free sample workout that is a mashup of several different workouts that you will be doing to get a feel for the program, I am sending it to the first 25 people who fill out the form in my bio!
  • no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I talk to people daily who have such low self esteem and lack self confidence based on how others have treated them in the past. so they have a huge fear of what others think and tie it to their self worth or allow it to be the reason they dont go after their dreams because someone said they couldn't or weren't good enough.
➡️you know what I say to those haters?
👊watch me.
➡️tell me I cant do something
👊i will prove you wrong.
➡️put down what i do as a network marketer and call it a scam or one of those pyramid things?
👊i feel sorry for you that you are stuck in a box.
➡️Surrounded by super fit people and you still have a ways to go on your journey?
👊ill rock that bikini because I am not there to impress you. I got a man. I'll rock those tiger stripes too 🐅.
there is nothing you can tell me that will stop me from going after my dreams. let those who judge stay in their miserable place and never do anything more with their life. dont allow them to bring you down because you have a purpose and passion and they dont get it. the ONLY person that can make your dreams and goals happen is YOU. They cant do it for you so dont allow them to be the thing in your way.✌
  • I have always been a sun and water baby and the first day of summer definitely calls for a reason to celebrate! Here’s to summer fruity drinks🍹, lounging on pool floats (as long as Florida stops storming⛈), and sleeping in! .
Tell me what you’re looking forward to this summer 😎in the comments below!
  • the results are in! who just turns their entire progress around in just 3 days? Me! After a weekend of family in town, eating out, I felt the need for a detox! I was feeling like:
-  I needed a nap after I woke up
-  I couldnt stop eating
- My cravings were out of control
- I was not making the smartest choices.
- I couldn't get past my plateau

Can you relate to any of those
Its amazing what happens when you get the toxins out of your system and its like a total reset! I am sleeping better, I don't have the cravings I did before, and my energy levels are off the roof! Not to mention I don't need caffeine to get my day going.. WHHHATT who does that? Its that kind of magic. Ha!! and I am down 3.4 lbs! this detox will be on sale in the flash sale tomorrow! 
throw an emoji ⚡🤸‍♀️ below to join into the flash sale!
Did you know tomorrow is the first day of Summer?!
I love that with my friends and challengers, its a no judgment zone! And we are creating confidence within ourselves while supporting others. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
who doesn't love a flash sale?! raise a hand if you do!🙋‍♀️ we are giving away some amazing things for your health and fitness goals along with getting them at a steal TOMORROW!
If you want in to check out the DEALS, including the detox I just did for $10, a months worth of superfood shakes for FREE, and a huge discount on the next workout program, just drop a comment or emoji or something below.
IT'S GONNAAA BE GOOD! And EVERY PACKAGE comes with my personal coaching  and joining our girl gang💪🏼 so must not be a coach or working with one! 
Comment below and I’ll get you in.
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  • Ask me anything!
Since I want to get to know you all better, I thought why not get to know me!

ask me anything in the comments below about my online fitness business, my family, whatever your hearts desire! (just not my ssn and credit card info 🤣). and I will pick a person to get my favorite reusable straw!

3,2,1.....ask away!
  • You all know I LOVE my mindset nutrition program that is SOOOO easy, freeing, and has helped get rid of the dieting mentality. And its the one year anniversary of its release AND on sale!
Prepping food can be super overwhelming and after the first week it can start to become more like a chore and then turn into just grabbing whatever. But what if whatever is the plan?
What if you in the next year you could change everything like Katie did? Your mindset over food, how you look at food, enjoying eating out, overcome stress and emotional eating, have more energy and the results are just icing on the cake🎂! .
Put the emoji below that fits you!
🥦 Ready to bust through this plateau!
🧘‍♀️ Not ready to commit to exercise yet but can focus on food
🙋‍♀️ Want to lose 5-20 lbs by end of summer
✈️ Ready for something I can do for LIFE and not yo-yo
😩 I am a super picky eater but want to do this