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  • "keep your squats low and your standards high." this month it's been tough getting motivated. I have been having this battle in my brain to workout every day for a few hours to do a 25 minute workout. 
i have to tell myself :
➡️ it's only 25 minutes
➡️ I will feel amazing after
➡️ I will regret not doing it
➡️ I cant shower until I do it
➡️ I came so far in my journey... no longer feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and not dreading the holiday weight gain... I'm not going back to where I used to be

it's not just about weight loss and it's not always going to be something you want to do every day. but every day you press play you are one step closer to your goals. 
what do you tell yourself to get your workout done?
  • Its my sons birthday weekend, I havent even started Thanksgiving food shopping (did I mention that i do all the cooking by myself?), and yet I am at Army training again for the second weekend this month.

we all have things going on,  busy lives,  birthdays and holidays, jobs,  kids...but we always need to take time for ourselves. if we dont we will have nothing to give to others and that is how you end up exhausted, struggling, and unable to deal with just LIFE.

YOU need to come first.
  • It’s time to start thinking about the New Year!  you have to start somewhere right? .
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  • the news is in! my eye ...its definitely blurry. eyes are dilated and cant read so catching up on some shows until I can function again... but i am so grateful for being able to take off in the middle of a day and to possibly be able to get my eye touched up. 
we can't always prepare for things to happen. I am just grateful I have built a life to handle anything!
  • High five to all my procrastinators and those who didn't feel like working out today but did it anyway.

It's when you Overcome those mental roadblocks in something that may seem so insignificant, that is when You have created change.

I totally didn't want to do my workout today and if you watch my Instagram stories you will see all the faces of the "I don't want to's". but I started with just do the modifier and it was really hard to get into the workout but by 10 min in,  I was fully into it.  sometimes you just need to move and push yourself through the road block to get it done. 
I guarantee you that you will be happy you did it! no one regrets a workout,  but they do regret not doing it!
  • this sweet potato casserole is super easy to make and tastes like a pumpkin pie! want the recipe along with other healthy Thanksgiving recipes?

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  • Never skip a monday!!! the kids are off of school but my routine stays the same! 
I often get asked how I find the motivation... and the truth is I dont have motivation most days. but I have put exercise into my schedule every day so it doesnt matter if I feel motivated or not, it's what I have planned that I need to do. 
and thankfully it's only 25 minutes!
  • every morning I spend just a few minutes of silence while I drink my coffee and read a chapter of my book.  Its my time to start the day with my cup full.

I can easily get stressed out and into cleaning mode because apparently no one knows what a trash can is or that it's 2 steps away from the counter they left their wrapper on or the clutter that has been sitting in piles waiting for the kids to take to their rooms.... being a mom isnt easy!

but getting that few minutes in the morning is important.